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Innovative Dental Care in Pittsburgh, PA

At Palmer Family Dental, we use the latest technology and dental innovations to give you the most effective and safest care possible. Your comfort and complete satisfaction are our primary goal. Our use of the latest appliances and techniques ensure you get the highest quality care around.
Dental tools — Dental Imaging in Pittsburgh, PA
Dental Imaging
Our intraoral camera and dental imaging software give you a glimpse into the future. This system allows us to show you what effect a procedure will have on your smile before we even start. In order to do this, we use an intraoral camera with a tiny fiber-optic wand to get digital images of your teeth and the inside of your mouth. The dental imaging software then projects the results of your procedure so you can see an after image before you've even begun.
Dental implants and dentist — Computer Digital Radiography in Pittsburgh, PA
Computer Digital Radiography (CDR)
With the latest digital radiography technology, you don't have to wait for the results of your dental x-rays. This imaging system transmits x-ray images directly into a computer monitor. This enables us to more easily show you what's going on in your mouth. We can zoom in on specific problem areas and more easily explain any issues to you. It ... Read more
Tooth reparation kit — Ultrasonic Cleaning in Pittsburgh, PA
Ultrasonic Cleaning
We reduce your discomfort and your time in the dentist chair by using an ultrasonic scaler rather than traditional manual scalers to remove plaque and debris from your teeth. Ultrasonic vibrations remove plaque, stains and break down the cell wall of bacteria inhabiting your mouth. This allows us to clean your teeth and gums ... Read more
Healthy woman white teeth — Bleaching in Pittsburgh, PA
When you want whiter teeth, we offer in-office power bleaching services. These systems are gentle on your teeth and effective with a single treatment. They use a hydrogen peroxide gel in combination with a lamp to make your teeth brighter without causing the damage to your teeth than can occur with other bleaching alternatives.